What is Little Legends?

Hills Football Development Little Legends is a fun, weekly football program that teaches the fundamentals of football to preschool-aged children. Classes are fun, engaging, and inclusive. Each week provides a different theme and focuses on the skills of football through games and simple activities. Run by qualified and skilled coaches, who engage and encourage children to ensure a child’s self-esteem and confidence are built up weekly. Small class sizes further guarantee maximum time on the ball for each child and having a better coach-to-child ratio, allows children to gain football skills more quickly. 


Benefits of Little Legends

Football is one of the world’s most popular sports, played and enjoyed by people in over 200 countries. It is a fully inclusive sport for both male and females irrespective of culture, religion, or ability.

HF Development Little Legends is the mini version of the world game. A program designed specifically for children that focuses on fun whilst learning the fundamentals of football. It fosters a love of the game that can carry them through adulthood. 

Each week football skills are taught in a friendly and inclusive environment where the child learns the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and participation.

With different weekly themes that engage and excite the children they build their self-esteem and confidence, as well as refine gross motor skills. The program also ensures that children develop social interaction abilities and learn that they can stay healthy through physical activity. 

New skills taught each week that challenge both body and mind and give them a solid foundation to football guarantee that at the conclusion of a term, children finish feeling proud of themselves and their achievements.

Qualified coaches that engage and encourage the child, coupled with small class sizes ensure maximum time on the ball which results in skills being learnt and mastered more quickly.

At the conclusion of each term a progress report is issued to parents to advise of how their child is working and developing. 

Hills Football Development Little Legends gives children all the football skills and ability necessary to transition to club football the year they start “Big School”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can participate?

Hills Football Development Little Legends is for children aged between 3-5 years.

When it is on?

Hills Football Development Little Legends programs run during school terms and are held at our Head Office within "the Football Room" at Bella Vista on different days and times. See timetable for more specific information.

How long does it go for?

HF Development Little Legends programs operate during school terms, in blocks of 10 weeks. Classes are weekly and run for a 40-minute session. 

What is the cost?

Hills Football Development Little Legends program is $99 for a 10-week term for all participants. A once-off fee of $40.00 is charged for a football kit for all new registrations. The football kit consists of a uniform including a shirt, shorts, and socks as well as a drawstring bag and size appropriate ball. 

What is included?

Weekly football sessions with a new theme each week. Sessions are run by fully qualified and experienced coaches. Parents will receive a report at the conclusion of each term outlining their child’s progress in the program.

What does my child wear?

All participants should wear the Hills Football Development Uniform along with sneakers. If you are attending for a trial lesson, any comfortable clothes and sneakers are fine. 

Can my child do a trial lesson first?

Of course, just email or call us to arrange.

Can I make up a lesson if missed?

Yes, as long as you have advised that you were unable to attend a lesson before the lesson took place. Please contact us to arrange the make up lesson. The make up lesson needs to be taken within that term.

Contact Us

For more information regarding Hills Football Development Little Legends Program, fill out the form below or contact Hills Football Association at office@hillsfootball.com.au